Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mark 4

Oh, Mark 4, how I love thee!!

It is so powerful that the story of Jesus' calming the storm follows the parable of the sewer directly. It's a parable in and of itself! Christ takes the time to explain the parable of the seeds to the disciples, they receive His word, and yet when the storm came, they lost sight of very word. It's a lesson in faith. Every bit of it. It's important for us to remember that THE WORD IS ALIVE. Jesus is a VERB! To listen only (or even to read only) is simply not what it's about. It's letting His words take root inside of us and grow. Much like Jesus' slumber on the boat, we all too often leave our Bibles at rest on our night stands, wait until our need is dire, then seek its pages, begging questions . But, it is His voice that calmed the storm. When we arm ourselves with the Living word, we are armed with the voice that calms the wind and waves. "Who can this be that even the wind and the waves obey Him? Are we listening? Seek His word. He tells us exactly who He is!! The question becomes, do we believe Him?

This reminds me of one of my all time favorite quotes: "Instead of telling God how big your storm is. Try telling your storm how big your God is." =)